My Experimentation with Coffee.

Evening, everyone! I’m excited to announce that most of my political stuff will be found on in the future, as I’m the newest contributor to their staff! I’m going to use that opportunity to focus this blog on other things. This is when you realize how truly random I am.

During the high school years, I enjoyed an iced coffee almost every morning before going to school. Mom would have it brewed and chilled for me in the morning so I could perfect the coffee-milk-sugar ratio before pouring it in a Tervis Tumbler. I loved those morning drives to school; just me, my iced coffee, and my Pandora. But for some reason, I always felt pressure to drink the entire thing before I got to school. Maybe it’s because we weren’t allowed to bring drinks to class, but I was rushed. I don’t like being rushed.

During the first week of orientation here at William & Mary, life was a word that begins with cluster and ends with a word rhyming with truck. I did not have time to brew my coffee one night for the next morning, and at breakfast, I was dying.

The doors opened for hot coffee.

I had no choice. Branch out, or die. I never choose die. One of the upperclassmen leading my group let me try his espresso with soy milk-little did I know I was not ready for that challenge yet. You see, drinking coffee is growth. I got into an elaborate ritual of every morning, filling my cup 3/4 with black coffee, adding vanilla and chocolate soy milk, then regular milk, and two Equal. And I stuck to that ritual. We have these coffee machines in the dining halls that quite frankly intimidated me-so many options. But within the past week, I’ve sort of developed this “Whatever, do it anyways” attitude. In short: I’ve switched from double shots of espresso to lattes to cappuccinos to mochas all within the span of a few days. I’m learning about my preferences and what I like best, and favorite part of the whole process is enjoying the coffee irrationally and slowly.

No, no, my friends. This blog post isn’t simply about coffee. It’s a metaphor for life. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re comfortable with and we forget to live, to try new things, to grow. Nothing ventured is nothing gained, as my coffee-loving mother always says. Yes, I have midterms to study for, or you have a piece for work due to your boss by noon tomorrow, or we have lots of things to do around the house or dorm or whatever. But you will get those things done. When opportunities arise to spontaneously strengthen a bond with someone, whether it be by just sitting in their company, quietly contemplating life, or sharing laughs over idiotic things, take that opportunity. What will be important in a month, a year, or five years: the piece of homework you turned in on time, or the connection you have with someone that goes straight to the soul?

So fill up your coffee cup, sit down, and be with someone.


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